How to Change Images Dynamically Using Dynamic Items

Dynamic items allow you to change images based on the URL path of your website.

Follow these steps to add dynamic images to your Boxes.

Step 1: Click on the Dynamic items button.
Dynamic items button

Step 2: Click New Dynamic Item.
New Dynamic Item

Step 3: Change the Source to URL, and insert the image’s URL path in the Source Value field.

Target the image number that you are going to use in the editor. Hit Save.

dynamic items settings

Step 4: Add the Image URL in the Target Value field.

This can be any hosted image.

dynamic images url

Step 5 (Optional): If you plan to host the image in Digioh, go to files> Upload image and upload your image there.

Right-click to copy the image URL

upload images to digioh for use in dynamic images

Repeat this process for all of your URL paths, making sure to target the same image number.

add all images to your dynamic items configuration

Step 6: Open the Box in the editor and turn on the image you defined in the dynamic items.

Position the image as needed and save your Box. Your Box will now serve images dynamically.

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