How to Align Fields Vertically or Horizontally

Digioh lets you configure whether your fields are lined up horizontally or vertically. You can set the alignment for each field individually. When two or more adjacent fields are set to be aligned horizontally, they’ll show on the same line. When they’re set vertically, each will have its own line.

So, to set up two fields to be next to each other horizontally, enable the fields, and set the Field Alignment for each to horizontal. For this example, we’ll start by enabling Custom 1.

Now set Custom 2 to Horizontal. Notice that the fields are now next to each other:

To make the fields vertical, switch the field alignment value to vertical for both:

You can have sets of horizontal fields separated by vertical ones. Set Custom 1 and Custom 2 to horizontal, and then set Custom 3 to vertical to see this in action:

Now you can set Custom 4 and Custom 5 to Horizontal:

If you have any questions about setting up the field alignment send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!