How To Add Phone Number Validation To The Phone Field Or A Custom Field

Phone number validation will ensure the user has to enter a properly-formatted phone number in order to submit a form. You can enable phone number validation for the Phone field, or any custom field. To enable it, select the field you want to use, and select one of the phone number validation options from the validation drop down

We offer three options:

Phone (10 Digits) This will force the user to enter a ten-digit number such as 1112223333

Phone (11 Digits, USA +1) This will force the user to enter an 11 digit number that starts with +1 such as +12223334444. The +1 will be added automatically if the user enters something like 2223334444

Phone (11 Digits, Global) This will force the user to enter an 11 digit number that doesn’t have to start with +1. For example, +23334445555

Be sure to set the field as required, otherwise, the user will be able to submit the form without entering a value.

Once the field is set up, save and publish your changes for them to take effect.

NOTE: Phone validation will strip out any non-numeric characters during evaluation. So for example, if you had 10 digit validation selected, and you entered “(343) 123-4567” as the phone number, then this will pass validation, and the number will be received on our backend (and any integrations) as “3431234567”.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions about phone number validation send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!