How to add links in Text, Checkboxes, and anything else in the design editor

We launched a new feature so that you can add links text elements, form fields, checkboxes, and help text! This is really helpful for adding Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links.
It uses a progressive merge tag format, which allows for any of the formats that follow.  The capital letters “LINK” are static (not symbolic).  Those letters signify to our engine that we need to do the replacement.  The pipe “|” characters separate the different components of the merge tag.
For example, any of the following are valid:
[[LINK||Click Here for Apple’s Website]] [[LINK||Click Here for Apple’s Website|text-decoration:none;color:blue;]]
In the case where you only define the link, and no link text, we automatically make the link text the link itself.  So in other words, the following two are equivalent:
If you leave out the “https://” (as in the examples above) we automatically detect that, and add a secure “https://” to the beginning of the link when it is constructed at runtime.  So if you don’t want “https://” secure, and you’d rather have “https://” without the “s” then make sure to define your link merge tag using the “https://” in the merge tag.  For example:   [[LINK|]]
The new link merge tag works for Text elements, checkbox text, help text, form labels, etc.  Just use the merge tag and it will automagically get replaced at runtime.  It will use the element’s style (ie. font family) and the rest of the element’s styles.  For example, if you have a text element, the merge link will pull from the styles you have defined in the Editor for said text element.
Note:  sometimes browsers impose their own styles upon links.  Namely, underlined and blue/purple color.  Not sure what is most popular with our customers, would they prefer that the links become blue and underlined?  Or would they prefer that we default the links such that they are the same color as the text element, and not underlined?