How to add Digioh to Tapcart

The powerful Digioh-Tapcart Integration can help improve your mobile app’s customer engagement and retention. By integrating Digioh with Tapcart, you can display product recommendation quizzes, surveys, and other interactive content within your app. This content can collect valuable customer data, promote your products and services, and drive repeat purchases.

For Tapcart customers, Digioh includes all design, integrations setup & deployment, recommended strategies, etc. as a complimentary service to our customers during onboarding. Integration setup & optimization is an ongoing complimentary part of the support provided to Digioh customers on an “as requested” basis.  This is inclusive across:  desktop website, mobile website, and the Tapcart app.

Installing the single Digioh JS tag to the Tapcart custom block will power everything Digioh has to offer, including quizzes, surveys, and pop-ups.

Note: Digioh script will be installed onTapcart using Tapcart Custom Blocks.

Use Cases

1) Post-Purchase Surveys

example of a post-purchase survey created with Digioh

With Digioh, you can display Post-Purchase Surveys to users in your Tapcart app. 

  • Capture more customer feedback with post-purchase surveys.
  • Push real-time feedback data to other marketing platforms with Digioh’s integrations.

Note: Digioh integrates with all major customer relationship management (CRM) & Email Service Providers (ESPs) and can push data to custom CRMs via API.

2) Product Recommendation Quizzes

example of a product recommendation quiz by jaxxon

  • Grow your list, collect zero-party data, and drive sales with a custom product recommendation quiz.
  • Send quiz data, including question responses and contact information, to your CRM or ESP.

How to Install Digioh on Tapcart

To install Digioh’s JS tag on Tapcart, follow the instructions below.

1) Log into your Shopify store.

2) Open the Tapcart Channel.

tapcart mobile app channel in shopify

3) Click on Custom Blocks.

custom blocks tab in tapcart

4) Click Launch Blocks Editor and create a New Block.

tapcart custom blocks editor launch button

5) In the editor, paste the Digioh JS tag into the Custom Block’s HTML section. Click Save. If you need help finding your Digioh JS tag, follow the steps in the next section.

custom blocks html editor in tapcart

How to Find Your Digioh Tag

1) After logging into Digioh, click your username. Then, click the Setup Instructions link that appears in the dropdown.

Digioh setup instructions

2) Select and copy the Fast Activation snippet, then add it to your Custom Block’s HTML in Tapcart.

use the fast activation snippet to install your code on Squarespace

Once the tag is added and saved into a Tapcart Custom Block, Digioh is now installed on your Tapcart App.

Digioh-Tapcart Integration Benefits:

  • Capture more customer data with engaging quizzes, pop-ups, surveys, and other forms. 
  • Send targeted email and SMS marketing messaging by pushing customer data collected with Digioh to your ESP/CRM. For example, Digioh can push new leads to Salesforce. 
  • Increase sales by using Digioh to launch a quiz that helps customers find the products that best fit their needs. 
  • Improve your user experience by collecting customer feedback with fully-custom survey forms.

If you have any questions about setting up your Tapcart integration, send us a message, and we’ll be glad to help!