How to Create a Teaser to Promote Your Product Recommendation Quiz

A teaser is a small modal that, when clicked, opens a larger Box on your site. Creating a teaser that redirects users to your product recommendation quiz is a great way to draw visitors into the quiz experience.

Follow the below steps to add a teaser to your homepage.

Step 1: Create a new box in Digioh. For best results, make sure your design is eye-catching and includes a compelling call to action.

Teaser pop-up that promotes a product recommendation quiz

If your Quiz is Embedded on a page (Inline Box) follow step 2a. For a pop-up quiz (Lightbox), follow step 2b.

Step 2a: Set the button action to redirect and add the URL of your quiz page.

Conditions for a teaser that redirects to an inline quiz

Step 2b: Set the button action to open another box. Select your Quiz’s box name from the Lightbox to Open dropdown.

conditions for a teaser that opens a pop-up quiz

Step 3: Configure your display conditions.

Setting Current URL Path to “/” will show the teaser on the homepage, promoting your product recommendation quiz every time a user visits your homepage.

conditions to show a teaser on the homepage

Alternately, you can set a pageviews = 0 condition. This will show your teaser on all landing pages.

Publish your Box, and your teaser will be live on your site.

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