How is Web Source Determined?

All Digioh form submissions automatically determine Web Source by analyzing several factors on the referring page URL and landing page URL, and the value is available in Subscriber Data. The possible values and calculation method for Web Source are:

  1. Direct Traffic: default if no source below can be inferred.
  2. Referring Website: default if no source below can be inferred but there is a referring URL.
  3. Google AdWords: if the landing page URL has query string parameters gclid, wbraid, or gbraid.
  4. Organic Search: if the referrer is Google, Bing, etc but is not detected as paid.
  5. Facebook: if the referring URL is Facebook.
  6. Android App: if the referer URL starts with “android-app”://.

For example, to determine Google AdWords Web Source, we analyze the Landing URL for the presence of the “gclid” URL parameter. This “gclid” URL parameter is added by Google automatically upon clicking of a Google Ad.

If you do not have “auto tagging” enabled in your Google Ads account, then Google may not add this “gclid” URL parameter. Here is how you can enable that:

If you have any questions or suggestions about Web Source, send us an email, and we’ll be glad to help.