How do I rollback our published javascript

If you publish a breaking change (this includes Custom JS changes, design updates, rule changes, or anything else in the account) and want to quickly roll back to a previous version of your account javascript, you can do so by following these steps:

1.Click on “Other Actions” and then “Rollback Published Version”

2. Pick the day/time you want to roll back to and click “Rollback”

This will now, use a previous version of your published javascript from the day/time you selected.

Some notes:

1. Every time you do a publish in your Digioh account it creates a new version of our javascript that you can roll back to.

2. Once you do a publish in the account, that will be the latest and greatest that is displayed on your site.

3. If you delete a backend integration and do a rollback, the Rollback version will not push new submissions to the deleted backend integration, but the submission will save in Digioh (if you have Data Storage turned on).