How to Ensure Exit-Intent Lightboxes Don’t Display to Customers Who Have Purchased

If you have an Exit-Intent lightbox, you probably don’t want to show it to customers who have just completed a purchase.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure that doesn’t happen:

First, you need the URL of the thank-you page your customers land on after checking out. For example, There may be unique order numbers appended to the end of the URL; however, you just need the portion of the URL that doesn’t vary (in this case, /cart/thank-you).

  1. In the Conditions section of the Editor, go to “Edit Conditions”:digioh conditions editor
  2. Click “Add a New Condition,” then “Add New Rule.”add new display rule
  3. Select “Pages Navigated URLs” from the dropdown menupages navigated url
  4. Select the “Does NOT contain” operator and enter the constant portion of the URL, for example: /cart/thank-you. This is a cookie-based rule, so if the visitor returns to your site, they won’t see the exit-intent pop-up again.

suppress checkout url from exit-intent lightbox

Optional: Add in the following conditions:

  • To prevent the lightbox from showing more than once per session, add “Max Displays per session” and set it equal to 1.
  • Don’t want to show the lightbox to visitors who opted-in? Use “Display until” “This event occurs” “The Lightbox form is submitted.”

don't show lightbox to opted-in visitors

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