How do I add additional Super Users to my accounts in Digioh

Super Users are different than sub users as they can access multiple accounts in Digioh.

To add additional Super Users, you must be a super user.

Click on “Admin” and Select “Super Users” in the top nav.

Once you click on Super Users, you’ll be taken to a different page to add a new Super User:

Add New Super User

Once the Super User is added, you’ll be able to see them within the list of Super Users:

Super User List and Permissions

After selecting permissions, you can add the accounts you’d like to add to that user by adding the GUID for each account, separated by a comma:

Add Accounts to Super User

Where do you find the User ID, GUID or Email for your accounts? Click on your Profile Name to see the dropdown for each account’s information:

Find User ID, GUID and Email for Accounts

Note: Super Users can only view/edit Super Users they have added themselves.