Hide or Disable Fields Based on Other Inputs

Digioh supports Hide/Show and Enable/Disable of input form fields based on the values selected or submitted in other form fields. A common use case for this is when the user selects “Other” from a range of choices and you want to display another input to collect more detail. You can also display an input based on multiple choices a user makes.


To take advantage of this feature, you can install the “Hide or Disable Fields Based on Form Input” app within Digioh. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access your profile menu in the top-right corner of Digioh.
  2. Select “Custom JS (Apps).”
  3. Find and install the “Hide or Disable Fields Based on Form Input” app from the Available section


The app’s configuration is managed using field-level metadata. You can utilize two key commands for configuring the behavior of fields:

  1. enable_when: This command activates a field based on specified conditions. If the conditions are unmet, the field becomes inactive, appearing grayed out and preventing input.

 Example: enable_when: fieldName=fieldVal

  1. show_when: This command controls the visibility of a field. If the given condition is true, the field is displayed. Otherwise, it remains hidden.

   Example: show_when: fieldName=fieldVal

When dealing with multiple field values, you can employ a comma-separated format to express various possibilities.


Example: enable_when: fieldName=fieldVal,fieldVal,fieldVal

Example: show_when: fieldName=fieldVal,fieldVal,fieldVal

Additionally, remember that you have the option to use the “negation operator” != to set conditions that are the opposite of what you define. This operator is useful when you want the action to occur when the condition is not met


We want to enable the Other Text Box(custom 2)  When a user choose any country between NZ,CA,DE from the Custom 1 Drop-down 


Set the field level metadata in the other textbox(custom 2) enable_when : custom_1=NZ,CA,DE


Live Box (Normal Choice):When a user selects a country other than NZ, CA, or DE, the “Other Text Box” remains disabled and grayed out.

Live Box (Nz,CA choice): When a user chooses NZ, CA, or DE, the “Other Text Box” becomes enabled for input

If we want to disable the box when a user selects(NZ/CA/De) we can use the negation operator !=


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