Google Tag Manager: Digioh JS Tag Installation Guide

Note: Digioh no longer recommends using Google Tag Manager to deploy the Digioh JS tag. Most Ad Blockers now block Google Tag Manager entirely, meaning that Digioh cannot function. Digioh itself is not blocked by any known Ad Blockers, so we recommend directly embedding the script on your website instead.

Step 1

 In Google Tag Manager, click the New Tag link.

Step 2

Name your tag, click Tag Configuration, and select Custom HTML.

Step 3

In your Digioh account, click your name in the upper-right corner. Select Setup Instructions from the dropdown.

Step 4

On the next page, select the Google Tag Manager version, and copy the code.

Step 5

Head back to Google Tag Manager, and paste your code in the custom HTML box

Step 6

Click the Triggering box, set it to “all pages,” and save your tag.

Step 7

Submit your changes.

Step 8

On the next page, set a version name and short description for the change you made. Click Publish.


Your new tag is ready to go.