Digioh + Yotpo Integration

This integration has been built by Digioh via our Digioh Connect product. The Digioh Connect product is part of the Digioh solution, known as “Collect, Converge & Connect”. Similar to platforms like Alloy Automation and Zapier, Connect is Digioh’s newest workflow and data automation solution, used as the integration platform for our customers as a complementary solution that opens up expanded capabilities for data collection and sharing.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: SMS Subscribe

mobile pop-up example on a phone

example of a product recommendation quiz example of a website popup that promotes free shipping

  • Digioh Collect & Converge box elements ask website visitors for their mobile numbers and/or emails via an onsite marketing experience. Box elements include:
    • One-Tap Mobile Sign-Up Boxes
    • Quizzes or Surveys
    • Desktop Box Elements
    • Exit-Intent Boxes
    • Gamification Boxes(spin-to-win, sweepstakes, etc.)
  • Submission goes to Digioh Connect
  • Digioh Connect calls the Yotpo Subscriber endpoint.
  • Phone number is posted to Yotpo.
Value Drivers to Yotpo Customers:
  • Grow your SMS list via Digioh Collect & Converge, then send new subscribers to Yotpo SMSBump.
  • Capture 2X more mobile numbers than other providers with over 40+ different ways to engage onsite visitors that keep ease and compliance top of mind. 

Use Case 2: Loyalty Action

yotpo loyalty action survey popup
Value Driver to Yotpo Customers:

Surprise and delight customers with loyalty points rewarded for completing Digioh Collect & Converge’s hosted quiz Leverage Record Loyalty Customer Action.

Use Case 3: Show Yotpo Reviews & Ratings in Digioh Collect & Converge Quiz Results

Setup & Connection:

This integration can be configured directly from either your Yotpo or Digioh account.

digioh yotpo integration setup

digioh yotpo authorize connection

Setup Via Digioh

Step 1:  From Digioh, navigate to the “Integrations” tab.


Step 2:  Select “+ New Integration.”

Step 3: Choose Yotpo from the “Integration” dropdown


Step 4: Select “Install the Yotpo Digioh App”


Create a Yotpo Pipeline Integration from a Template

Step 1: Navigate to the lightbox’s “Integration” tab

Step 2:  Click “Yotpo Connections” next to your Yotpo connection item.

Step 3: Click “Create Pipeline” on the desired template

Yotpo Advanced integration steps are here.