Digioh Okta Configuration Guide

This guide documents how to configure Okta SSO integration with Digioh.


  • Supported Features
  • Configuration Steps
  • Log In
  • Support

Supported Features

  • Sign Sign-On using OpenID Connect (OIDC) initiated by Digioh

Configuration Steps

  • Log into your Okta Admin dashboard using an administrator account
  • Add the Digioh Application
    • In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications
    • Click on Browse App Catalog
    • Search for “Digioh” and select the Digioh App
    • Click the Add Integration button and complete the installation
  • Copy Configuration Data
    • Click on the SignOn tab
    • Copy the Client ID
    • Copy the Client Secret
    • Click the OpenID Provider Metadata link and copy the URL
    • Send this information to contact@digioh.com. Digioh will configure your account to use your Okta organization for signing in.

Log In

  • To log in to Digioh using your Okta organization go to the URL: https://account.digioh.com/Login/External and enter your Okta username
  • You will be prompted for your Okta password, unless you are already logged in to Okta. Then you will be redirected back to your Digioh account.


  • For issues logging in to Digioh using your Okta organization please contact Digioh support at contact@digioh.com