Custom JS Versioning and Undo

We now version all your Custom JS code! This is now live in Custom JS Boxes, Parent, and Global.

It takes at least 2 saves to generate “older” versions, which would then allow you to enter the version history. Each of those saves must include a code update/change (could be a small as adding a “//” comment to one line), since we check for a “diff” from the previous code version, and we don’t actually save to the database (or create a new version) unless we detect an actual diff. This prevents unnecessary versions from getting created, which will also streamline the version instance delineation anytime you want to do a rollback.

There is a green “success bubble” message after performing a restore (from the version history) which includes a “click here to undo” link. Clicking that link will undo the restoration, just as if it had never happened.

Doing a restore does not publish, you would still need to publish after restoring.