Conversion Reports

Keeping an eye on your conversion numbers can be a great way to track how effective your widgets are. Digioh offers a daily CSV that is sent to you. You can import this data into Tableau, Google Sheets, or just open in Microsoft Excel.

Here is what your CSV will look like:

Conversion Reporting Preview

It includes the Date, Box ID, Box Name, Number of Impressions, Number of Submissions, Conversion Rate Based on Submissions and Conversion Rate Based on Redirects (if you have the form turned off). The Report will update every day and has a monthly total at the bottom.

Digioh makes it easy to keep track of this info with daily conversion reports! To enable them, first head to the Account Settings section of your account:

Then turn on conversion reporting, set an email address where the reports will be sent, and save your changes.

That’s all there is to it! Conversion reports will now arrive in your inbox! If you have any questions about conversion reports, send us an email and we’ll be glad to help.