Shopify Digioh Refer A Friend App

API Permissions

We need these permission while installing this app:

write_script_tags, read_script_tags, read_discounts, write_discounts, read_price_rules, write_price_rules, read_orders, write_orders, read_customers

  1. write_script_tags, read_script_tags – we are using these because the theme app extension does not work on order thanks/complete page or order view page but script tags works on thanks page. We trigger the referrer reward email on order thanks/complete page
  2. read_discounts, write discounts – Using these because we create the coupon code with system
  3. read & write price rules – price rules are used to create the rules for discounts
  4. read & write orders – read the order to track and create the coupon code for referrer
  5. read_customers – get the customer details against customer_id

Collaborate Store Access

We need these collaborate permissions to use our App on Store:


Please reach out to our team if you have any additional questions.