Klaviyo List Integration

Digioh integrates with Klaviyo to grow your list with pop-up forms, one-time-use coupon codes, product recommendation quizzes, and other eCommerce conversion features.

Klaviyo Integration Requirements

Before setting up your integration, you will need the following parameters from Klaviyo:

– How to create Klaviyo List ID

– How to find a List ID

How to Set up Your Klaviyo Integration

1. Create the Box in your Digioh account that you will integrate with Klaviyo (if you don’t already have one created).

2. Click the “Integrations” tab.

3. Select Klaviyo from the dropdown.

4. This will open the Klaviyo Main Integration Page.

5. Next, set up your Klaviyo Authentication:

Click “Add New Connection.”

6. Enter your Klaviyo Public and Private API Keys.

You can get these from the Klaviyo API Keys Page.

Klaviyo Subscribe to List Use Cases:

  • Email Capture Only
  • Email and Phone Capture (Multi-Step Form)
  • Phone Capture Only

7. Klaviyo Profile Capture:

If you would like to capture User Email or Phone Number using a Digioh box, use this pipeline.

Click “Create Pipeline” under Klaviyo Profile Capture:

Complete the following:

  • Add Pipeline Name
  • Select Klaviyo List
  • Select Box
  • Click Create

Our Digioh Klaviyo Profile Capture Pipeline will automatically format the data according to Box.

If you need help integrating your Klaviyo instance with Digioh, please contact us, and our team will be happy to help.