How To Set Up Phone Number Or Zip Code Validation

When creating a custom field to collect the user’s phone number or zip code, you may want to add validation to the field. This prevents users from entering a value using invalid characters or the wrong length. To set up validation on your custom fields, follow these steps.

First, head to the Custom JS Apps section of your account.

screenshot of Digioh platform with Custom JavaScript menu item selected

On the next page, click Install for the validation you want to use.

list of digioh custom javascript apps for phone validation and zip code validation

Each app will ask you to provide some information.

Phone Number Validation

phone number validation for forms

Zip Code Validation (US)

zip code validation that confirms whether a form field contains a 5 digit number

Fill in the fields appropriately and click Install.

If you want the validation to apply to the same field on all your boxes, you’re done!

If you only want this to apply to certain boxes in your account, head to Custom JS Boxes and use the includes or excludes field to assign specific boxes to the code.

custom javascript code for Digioh form validation

If you have any questions, send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help.