How to integrate with Klaviyo

Klaviyo, an email marketing and sms automation platform automates your email campaigns and integrates SMS, social advertising to help your business scale.


Step 1:  Digioh Integration 

1- Go to the ‘Integration’ tab and click on ‘+ New Integration’.

2- Set Integration name in  Friendly Name Field.

3- Then under the list of integrations, select ‘API Form Post’ from the integration dropdown  

4- Add the Following Endpoint in Form Post URL

5- Select Post Type JSON Raw

6- Select the Box on which you want to add the integration and click on Create Integration button.

7- Get your ‘Public Key’ from the Klaviyo account: Go to the top nav and click on  ‘Account’ → ‘Settings’ → ‘API keys’, there you’ll see your Public Key.

8- Once the above steps are complete, the next step would be to set up the JSON Payload for the integration on the advanced setting page. Under the ‘Integrations’ tab, on the newly created integration, click on the ‘Advanced’ button under ‘Actions’ and set up your JSON Payload for integration.

data= {
"token": "Public_Key_Here",
"event": "Event_Name_Here",
"customer_properties": {
"$email": "Your_email_here"
"properties": {

Note: Replace the Public_Key_Here with Klaviyo Public API Key. Update the Custom Fields according to your use case.

If you have any questions send us a message, and we’ll be glad to help.