How to Integrate with CleverReach

CleverReach is a powerful and easy to use email marketing solution. You can use Digioh to create Web Forms, Pop Ups, Landing Pages, and Email Preference centers that are fully integrated with CleverReach. As soon as you capture an email it can pass into CleverReach in realtime. You can turn off all data collection in Digioh, so PII data is never stored on our servers and directly passes to your CleverReach account.

Here is how you integrate Digioh with CleverReach. As, always we are happy to walk you through or even setup your CleverReach integration for you. If you have a custom CleverReach setup, we are standing by and create a custom integration using the CleverReach API.

1.Click on “Integrations” -> “Add New Integration” and select “CleverReach” from the drop down. You can add the List ID you’d like new email addresses to go into.

2. OAuth your CleverReach account with Digioh

3. Now, add the integration to any Form in your account and those emails will automatically go into your CleverReach account. You can do these steps multiple times if you want different forms to go to different lists.