How to Integrate with Attentive

Attentive is an SMS platform that allows you to send text messages. You can use our Attentive integration to pass Phone Numbers to Attentive. Digioh provides Attentive customers the ability to easily create web forms in our drag and drop editor so you can capture emails (and pass it to your ESP) and phone numbers and pass it to Attentive.  Digioh offers phone number validation and multilingual support.

Once you have created your form, here is how you can integrate Digioh with Attentive.

1. Click on Integrations and select “Attentive” from the Dropdown and click “Create Integration”

Attentive Integration

2. Enter in your Attentive API key / Auth Token

3. Add the integration to your phone so new phone numbers collected go into Attentive in Real-Time