How to add a Digioh Custom Report in Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics, Digioh will have been configured to send events to GA for box interactions. The easiest way to see this data is to “install” this GA Custom Report template:

Just click the link, and you’ll be asked if you want to add it to your GA account.

You can drill into impressions, submissions, and redirect “actions.” The event label is the box name, and if it was a box variation (in an A/B test or a variation set to Primary), the variation name will appear in square brackets: Box Name[Variation Name]

Here’s how it works. Digioh logs events as follows:

Event Category = Digioh
Event Action = Display OR Submit OR Redirect OR Close
Event Label = Box Name [Variation Name]

You can copy and customize the report as needed:

Digioh custom google analytics report

A useful technique for analysis is to add a secondary dimension to this report and make use of report filters also. In the report below, “Device Category” is the secondary dimension (shows events by device), and we’re filtering results to show only submissions.

digioh events custom report in google analytics

If you have any questions about Google Analytics reporting for Digioh, reach out to and we’ll be happy to help!

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