How to A/B test conditions

A/B testing conditions can help determine which conditions drive more conversions.

Follow the below steps to A/B test a set of conditions.

Step 1: Duplicate the box on which you want to perform the test.

Duplicate a lightbox

Rename it to be more relevant
For example, we are going to use

  • Box 1 = Main site capture (exit intent)
  • Box 2 = Main site capture (Idle seconds)

Step 2: Add the first set of conditions in box 1

Exit intent best practice

And the second set of conditions in box 2

Idle seconds on page

Step 3: Go to Multivariate testing and add a new Multivariate test.

Multivariate test

Step 4:
Name your test and add Box 1 and Box 2 with a traffic percentage of 50 for both of them.

MV test

Step 5: Save and Hit publish to start the test.


And we are now running the test on two different versions of the conditions.

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