How to Edit or Turn off Your Pop-Up Teaser

A pop-up teaser keeps your pop-up or lightbox accessible, even when it isn’t fully displayed. With a teaser, you can allow visitors to “minimize” your lightbox until a they’re ready to submit your form, or you can use teasers to “tease” the contents of the pop-up before showing the full pop-up on click.

Some Digioh themes provide a teaser by defaults, but if you wish to edit (or turn off) your teaser, follow these steps.

1. To find the teaser settings, go into the Editor and click the Teaser section.

edit pop-up teaser

2. To turn off your teaser, slide the Display toggle to Off.

display teaser toggle

3. To edit the text or design, make changes in the design settings. To see your changes, you will need to Preview them (changes will not show up inside the editor).

create and design your pop-up teaser

If you need help setting up your teaser, let us know, and we’ll be glad to help!