Explanation for Include and Exclude Responsive Filters

Include Filters:

Here I am using a visual conversion guide as an example.  Hopefully this is mostly self-explanatory, but let me know if otherwise.  Each element definition goes on a “newline” using pipe and colon characters as noted.  Keep in mind that “include filters” will always override any general settings above them in the editor, regardless of whether responsive settings are turned “on” or “off” for “text”, “images”, “form”, or “buttons”.


{element}|{width %}:{width min px}:{width max px}|{height %}:{height min px}:{height max px}|{font %}:{font min px}:{font max px}

Exclude Filters:

For exclude filters you would need to simply include only the element names, comma separated.  Note, this will exclude these elements from every setting above them, regardless of whether responsive settings are turned “on” or “off” for “text”, “images”, “form”, or “buttons”.  AND regardless of include filters.  Note, in practice there would never be a time when you would have an include filter and an exclude filter for the same element.  As I have reflected in my example below.