Dara Storage Types (Local Storage, Cookies, and Cross-Domain)

Digioh offers 3 data storage types: Local Storage, Cookies, and Cross-Domain.

Note: Accounts use Cookies by default because they are the most reliable.

  1. Local Storage. If your website uses only “http” or only “https” (but not both) and typical browsing sessions stay on the same domain, use LocalStorage.
  2. Cookies. If your website uses both “http” and “https” (or goes between different subdomains during sessions), use Cookies. Typically, Cookies are the most reliable.
  3. Cross-Domain. This may not work for some users, depending on their browser security settings (i.e. if they have “disable cross-domain pixel tracking” turned on).

To switch your storage type, email us. We can set it up for you without any code updates from your IT team.